St. Patrick’s Day Cat T-Shirt! Will It Bring You Luck? Only One Way To Find Out!

Never iron a four leaf clover because you don’t want to press your luck!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the world is painted in shades of green, with shamrocks and leprechauns taking center stage. While we celebrate the Irish culture and traditions, there’s a delightful and unexpected twist to add to the festivities—cats! Yes, you read that right; our feline friends can bring a unique charm to this joyous occasion.

Picture this: a mischievous cat batting at a shamrock, imagining it to be a tiny, green fairy dancing around the room. It’s a playful sight that adds a touch of whimsy to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Cats, with their curious nature, might even try to catch a leprechaun’s elusive pot of gold, adding a humorous and adorable element to the holiday.

But the connection between cats and St. Patrick’s Day goes beyond mere amusement. In Irish folklore, cats were believed to possess magical qualities and were often associated with good fortune. If you’re curious, just look up the cat sith in Celtic Mythology to learn more. So, as you don your green attire and partake in the festivities, consider involving your feline companions. Perhaps a cozy spot by the fireplace or a playful green ribbon could be their own little tribute to the Irish spirit.

Looking for some awesome cat t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day? Well you’ve got the luck of the Irish today! And by purchasing this item, you support this site. I tip my the hat to you in thanks and catitude. I mean gratitude. Get this shirt here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CW25CQ9G

As we revel in the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s not forget the joy that our feline friends bring to our lives, adding a touch of purr-fection to this already enchanting celebration. May your St. Patrick’s Day be filled with luck, laughter, and the delightful antics of your four-legged companions!

Need a free printable St. Patrick’s Day word search? Here’s the link to that blog page: https://rokopuzzles.com/st-patricks-day-large-print-word-search

Pizza Surfing Adventure: Riding the Cosmic Waves of Existence

Pizza is a metaphor for life; it’s a blank canvas. You can create anything you want on it.

Unknown Cheesosopher

In this cosmic oven of existence, where life throws us one garlicky knot after another, picture this: a lone slice of pizza, riding the crests of a tropical wave with unmatched grace and an unparalleled zest for life. As the cheese ripples in the wind, and the waves mushroom ever higher, our tomato sauce-y hero embraces the chaos.

Our courageous pizza, let’s call him “ZaZen,” embarks on a journey that transcends the mundane toppings of daily life. ZaZen, the daredevil of dough, reminds us all of the transient nature of our cheesy existence. In the grand ballet of the absurd, he dances on the crust of reality, challenging the conventional laws of physics with every ride.

Pizza slice surfing ocean waves t-shirt.

Like this pizza slice surfing an ocean wave t-shirt? Support my site by getting this cool look: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVZX8MFH

Imagine ZaZen surfing the wave, whispering profound wisdom in gooey tones, “Life is a slice, and we must ride it with toppings thrown to the wind.” His words linger like the final notes of a cheesy symphony, leaving us pondering the metaphysics of mozzarella.

In the immortal words of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.” ZaZen, our surfing slice, embodies this existential freedom, resisting the banality of a pizza box as he coasts upon waves of absurdity.

So, next time life throws you a slice of uncertainty, embrace it like ZaZen on his board—ride the wave, savor the cheesiness, and remember, in this vast universe, we are all just surfing on the cosmic sea of existential dough.

Bird on a Bicycle T-shirts, PopSocket and More!

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re having a nice day. Today I’m sharing a new T-shirt of my Bird on a Bike artwork. It’s a monochromatic design inspired by the woodcut print art style. I’m a big fan of art that isn’t too carefully rendered and has that distressed, organic look. For some reason, I have owned more T-shirts of birds and of bicycles than any other subject. So I decided to combine them into one design!

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings.” – Anonymous.

Please click on the above image for women’s t-shirt options or click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVJK5FBZ?customId=B0753882ZV

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This design is also available as a tote bag: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVNPTQ31

Or if you would like it on a PopSocket: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVNPTQ31

Love is Adorable! Cute Heart Merch.

Okay, this is a bit of a new direction, but I’ve decided to start posting some of the merch to artwork I’ve made. Most of my artwork isn’t puzzle related, but launching a whole other site seems a little wacky. So here goes…

My first merch extravaganza is all about love.

In the vast canvas of emotions, love stands out as the most vibrant and heartwarming hue. This kawaii inspired heart has an adorable and simple charm. This heart, with its endearing eyes and blushing cheeks, serves as a visual testament to the delightful and playful nature of love.

You can’t wear your heart on your sleeve with this Heart T-Shirt, but you can let it shine as you thump around town:

Please click on image to shop for these shirts on Amazon or click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTRVD8ZQ

Available in a few select colors in Women’s, Men’s and Youth sizes. This design is also available as a PopSocket:

To buy the PopSocket click here: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTTWSS94

It’s important to remember that love is not only about grand gestures but also about the small, sweet moments that make our hearts skip a beat. Just like navigating through a maze of hashtags, love can be both complex and beautifully simple. My digitally crafted happy heart symbolizes the fusion of technology and emotion. Even in the age of memes and social media, love continues to find new and adorable ways to express itself.

I have had some challenging heartbreak in the last few years, but also found tremebdous resilience. In fact, I find myself in love again and it truly is the sweetest thing.

Oh BTW – you can get this design on a cute pink tote bag too. Get it here: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTTTXQ92

Would You Rather – Book Launch

Hooray! So excited to share the launch of my newest game book. It’s a Would You Rather book, full of fun, intense, awkward, gross, humorous and other kinds of outrageous scenarios! Think carefully, because you you have to choose only one of the two options. It may not always be easy to decide, but that’s what makes this activity so much fun.

cover image
Cover Image

Copies are now available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C2S71B6R

Some of the reasons you may want to buy this book include:

  • 200 thoughtfully crafted “Would You Rather” questions. This book has truly fun and unique scenarios that will make you think, talk, squirm, giggle, and laugh!
  • 6″ x 9″ size is ideal for bringing with you to the beach, on a road trip, or to a sleepover!
  • Adorable hipster animals, illustrated by Olga Angelloz, adorn each of ten chapter headings.
  • Quirky variety of ‘question mark backgrounds’ on every page make this book engaging for kids and teens. Take a peek below…

On a personal note, this books is very close to my heart. You see, somewhere deep within the COVID lockdown days, anxiety got the better of me. Things got rather dark for a while. There was a collection of ideas taped on a stack of cardboard cutouts that simply lingered untouched for the better part of three years. I’d look at the stack often, and the time came when my sense of purpose had drifted so far away that I really felt no desire to be creative. I had nearly no ability to be a part of anything at all!

If it weren’t for all the family and friends who always touched base, reached out, and coaxed me along, I’m not sure how I ever would have found the light at the end of the tunnel. And now that I can see the sun shining and hear the birds chirping each day, it’s a gift. My creativity slowly returned, as did the joy of feeling like I belong. I’m filled with such a sense of gratitude that I can share this book with the world. I truly hope it makes people talk and laugh, and that it adds many moments of happy togetherness to their lives.

Thank you.


The Would You Rather book described in this post was written and graphically designed by Marc Rokoff – ©2023

Five Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Nepo Babies – Plus a free Nepo Baby Word Search.

A lot has been said recently about Nepo Babies, but amid all this pop culture buzz, some crucial life lessons have been missed. Yeah, celebrity kids are famous, some of them without much effort of their own. And I get it – nepotism in any industry is always looked at with plenty of disdain. No one likes the idea of someone else getting a free ride while the rest of us tough it out day after day just to live in our cramped houses or over-priced apartments.

Well, I say we should resist that negativity and embrace all that nepo babies have to teach us!

As a quick aside, this is my first blog entry and first free puzzle made about current events. You will find a link to the free, printable Nepo Babies Word Search below. And now, on to the life lessons that we can gain from the children of the rich and famous!

1. Never reinvent the wheel. So many of us have grand visions of what we want to contribute to the world. Full of new ideas and sizzling ambition, we often trip over the one hurdle that nepo babies don’t fret over: we try to re-invent the wheel. You see, kids of rich people not only get to see what helped make their parents a success, they often grow up watching all the ins and outs of their parents’ industry. In the case of Hollywood kids, they learn about story structure, and learning to create a product that their audience will want. They see how their parents utilize optics to their own advantage, and gain an understanding of how to best fashion their public persona from a very young age. So don’t waste time forging a difficult path. Research the tricks of your trade that have helped people succeed in the past, then add your own spin to a formula that works!

2. Connections matter. Nobody succeeds in a vacuum. Yeah those nepo kids just have to flick through Mommy’s phone contacts to find a producer or a killer hair stylist or a script doctor. Most of us don’t have that. However, this world isn’t as big as it seems. Explore the communities of whatever interests you. From digital chat rooms to local gatherings found via Meetup or Craigslist or local hobby shop, etc. Also, there are conventions (aka “cons”) for just about anything. Go to one. Learn the key players in the industry you want to break into. If you deeper into the world you want to be a part of, eventually you’ll get to know who the major players are and they might even start to know you! Many people believe there are only six degrees or separation between you and just about anyone you’d ever want to meet. So get out there and make those connections!

3. Haters will always hate. We all love to hate the nepo babies but would you really want to be hated just for following in your parents’ footsteps? And let’s face it, don’t you have people in your own life who are haters? Haven’t you ever had a social media post or comment get trolled? Haters are gonna hate no matter who you are or what you do – zone them out and be yourself!

4. You must find your authentic self. If you want to be successful in your life, you must find your authentic self. Nobody is doubting if Miley Cyrus, daughter of country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus, genuinely wants to be a lasting part of the music industry! She clearly loves being a musician. Authenticity shines so brightly. If you want to be your authentic self, you need to get in touch with who you are. What excites you? What are your dreams and goals? What kind of person do you want to be? How do people perceive you, and do you like the way you are perceived? The complexities of “self-actualization” are beyond the scope of this blog post, but look the term up. When you live your authentic life, you talk less trash about others, you feel more fulfilled, and others take notice. They can’t help it. Successful nepo babies create their own, authentic name for themselves. You can too!

5. Be proud of who you are. Yeah, you can change your appearance, your name, and even rewrite your history to anyone who cares to listen. But even after all that, the bottom line is, you live with yourself. You are a product of where you came from. So draw from those lessons, learn from those mistakes. Accept the limitations and benefits of what shaped your life until now. Be realistic about where you’re at and set an intention of where you want to be. Everything you envision for yourself is, ultimately, a manifestation of all the experiences that have come before. So be proud of who you are! Just don’t let your past be a glass ceiling – let it be the foundation you jump off of. There is literally nothing you can do to change the past. You might as well embrace it the way successful people embrace anything – objectively. Assess what worked and what didn’t work for you and then run into your future with open arms! It’s right there waiting for you. You don’t even need to be a famous brat to have it.

Okay, with all that said, here’s a link to download a free printable pdf word search chock full of nepo babies. Search for LAST NAMES only! https://rokopuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/nepo-baby-word-search.pdf

Just for fun, I’ll include a list below of the kids I’ve included and their famous relative(s).

Riley Keough – Elvis Presley’s granddaughter

Jaden Smith – Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son

Maya Hawke – Ethan Hawke’s daughter

Sofia Coppola – Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter

Lily Collins – Phil Collins’ daughter

Drew Barrymore – A multi-generational family of famous actors

Charlie Hall – Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ son

Dakota Johnson – Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s daughter

Carrie Fisher –Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher’s daughter

Billie Lourd – Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter

Jack Quaid – Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s son

Maude Apatow – Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s daughter

Tracee Ellis Ross – Diana Ross’s daughter

Kate Hudson – Goldie Hawn’s daughter / Kurt Russell’s stepdaughter

George Clooney – Rosemary Clooney’s son

Jane Fonda – Henry Fonda’s daughter

Maya Rudolph – Minnie Ripperton’s daughter

Angelina Jolie – John Voight’s daughter

Scott Eastwood – Clint Eastwood’s son

Miley Cyrus – Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter and Dolly Parton’s goddaughter

Rumer Willis – Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter

Chanukah Large Print Word Search – Free Printable Download

Happy Chanukah! Or, if you prefer, Happy Hanukkah! Since the word is translated from Hebrew, the spelling has different variations and both are considered correct. Regardless of your preferred way of spelling it, this joyous holiday – also known as the Festival of Lights – is so much fun to celebrate.

Chanukah represents the Jewish Maccabees’ triumphant revolt against their oppressors and the recapture of Jerusalem. After three years of war, there was no fresh supply of oil to light the Maccabean Temple’s menorah. It would take eight days to create a fresh supply of oil. However, a single day’s supply of oil was found and, miraculously, lasted for eight days. To commemorate this event, Jewish people light their menorahs for eight nights in a row. This holiday begins on the 25th day of Kislev, which is a month in the Hebrew calendar. Generally, this date falls around late November through late December. In 2022, Chanukah begins on Sunday, December 18th at sundown.

Traditionally, Chanukah is celebrated by saying a prayer at sunset and then lighting the shamash, or center candle of the menorah. This candle is then used to light the other candles. On the first evening, on candle is lit, with a successive number of candles being lit until all eight candles are lit on the eighth day. Families often exchange small gifts each night, especially to the children. A dreidel, or spinning top, game is often played as well.

A popular food to eat during Chanukah is a latke, or potato pancake. Jelly donuts are also eaten, as are other fried food. This is because the oil used in frying is representative of the oil at the heart of the miracle of Chanukah.

This word search is a large print puzzle, so it’s easy to read. The PDF download is two pages and includes both the word search and solution page. Here is the linkhttps://rokopuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Chanukah-word-search-small.pdf

Remember, you can just print the first page of a pdf. If you print out the whole thing, don’t look too closely at the second page – that’s where the answers are! 

Chanukah Large Print Word Search Printable PDF Download. Please note – my holiday puzzles contain decorations to make them more festive. Decorative icons are not currently a feature in my word search books.

Like games? Check out this fun take on an old-fashioned pen and paper game: dots and boxes! The fun take on this book is the game board of dots has been replaced with cute Chanukah Icons! Available on amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Chanukah-Dots-Boxes-holiday-version/dp/1712286536


April Fool’s Day Large Print Word Search – Free Printable Download

The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. -Mark Twain

April Fool’s Day is one of the silliest holidays of the year. Many people tend to overlook this annual event but there are plenty among us who love to get a little mischievous on April first. If you count yourself among the foolish, then you know that this is a day for good natured pranks, absurd jokes and lighthearted scheming.

This word search is a large print puzzle, so it’s easy to read. The PDF download is two pages and includes both the word search and solution page. Here is the link: https://rokopuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/April-Fools-Day-word-search.pdf

You can always opt to just print the first page of a pdf if you prefer. If you print out the whole thing, don’t look too closely at the second page – that’s where the answers are! 🙂

I’m happy to say that I’ve switched to color icons starting with my most recent St. Patrick’s Day word search! Hope you enjoy the change. You’ll find many popular words related to this humorous holiday, including: prank, zany, silly, amusing, absurd, joke, mislead and much more!

Please note – my holiday puzzles contain decorations to make them more festive. Decorative icons are not currently a feature in my word search books.

St. Patrick’s Day Large Print Word Search – Free Print At Home Download

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.” –Irish Blessing

Saint Patrick’s Day is a delightfully fun holiday full of shamrocks, leprechauns, and the color green. The celebration originated as a Roman Catholic feast in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. It has since evolved into a largely secular event celebrating all things Irish!

One of the things that makes St. Patricks Day so much fun are all the traditions such as wearing green to ward off getting pinched by a leprechaun. Of course, if you’re very lucky, you may also follow the rainbow to find that leprechaun’s pot of gold! But even if you don’t experience any special luck, you can still have a blast by wearing green and eating some corned beef and cabbage while a St. Patty’s Day parade passes you by.

This word search is a large print puzzle, so it’s easy to read. The PDF download is two pages and includes both the word search and solution page. Here is the link: https://rokopuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/St.-patricks-day-word-search-puzzle.pdf

Don’t forget, you can always just print the first page of a pdf, to save yourself a little ink. If you print out the whole thing, don’t look too closely at the second page – that’s where the answers are! 🙂

Please note – my holiday puzzles contain decorations to make them more festive. Decorative icons are not currently a feature in my word search books.

New Year’s Eve Large Print Word Search – Free Printable Download

Hooray! This year is winding down and it’s time to look ahead to a fresh new year. But first it’s time to celebrate the night away because every New Year’s Eve deserves to be commemorated with your favorite traditions. Perhaps you’re looking forward to hitting the restart button after a less than stellar year. Or maybe you want to celebrate all the good things that have come your way over the past twelve months.

Either way, don’t turn the page on your calendar without taking some time to enjoy this large print word search puzzle. It’s a pdf that you can download and print at home, and it has the solutions on the second page, so don’t worry if you get stumped! Perfect for teens, adults, seniors – for anyone who loves a good word hunt!

Happy New Year! Here is the free printable New Year’s Eve word search download link: https://rokopuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/New-Years-Eve-Word-Search.pdf

Featured words include cheers, clock, streamers, midnight, countdown, and so much more! Happy New Year!

Please note – word searches in my books do not currently feature decorative icons – this is a special feature of my holiday printable downloads only.