Behind the Scenes


Welcome to my site. I always like to know who is behind the websites I visit, so I thought I’d just share a little bit about myself. My name is Marc, and in October 2019 I released my first Word Search book. It’s had some success on Amazon, so I created this website as an online home for my puzzle books. I plan on making a whole bunch of them!

I came to the idea of making puzzle books because I had tried creative writing, and dabbled in self-publishing, but ultimately decided to put fiction writing on a back burner. The desire to make books, however, never went away! So I started thinking about what I might be able to create that people could truly enjoy.

I’ve been a fan of word games and puzzles since I was a kid, and it seemed that word searches were something I could try making into a book. I started a list of topics on a folded-up, blank sheet of paper, and whenever an interesting new category came to mind, I’d jot it down. I also started studying other books to see what I liked and didn’t like. I knew I wanted a very clear layout. And I didn’t want my books to be “endless”. There’s a bit of a trend in recent years to create monster-sized books, consisting of many hundreds of word searches. Those feel a little clunky and impersonal to me. For some of those behemoths, I’m nearly certain there’s an AI algorithm behind the curtain, mindlessly conjuring up bizarrely disjointed word lists. Where’s the fun in that? I like each page to seem rational, evoke some thoughts or memories, and to create an overall experience.

Since I have a professional background in art production and marketing, I’m able to craft the interior layouts and design the covers on my own. I license images from amazing photographers and graphic artists for my covers, when needed. Then I promote wherever I think puzzle people may be hanging out!

The best part of all of this has been the supportive reviews and kind emails from people who tell me they, or a beloved elderly friend / relative, has gotten pleasure out of one of my books. Nothing brings me greater happiness than knowing the print is large enough and the letter grid is clear enough for people to kick back and have some fun. With that in mind, I will only create books that offer a positive, or neutral, vibe. Why put out negativity into the world?

We all travel along the pathways of our lives, collecting little truths that have the most meaning to us. For me, I have grown to realize that the most rewarding experience in life is to add a bit of sunshine into the lives of others. I know that many people may use my books, and so I craft everything I make from the heart, with love and kindness to all.

I wish you health and happiness and lots of fun in whatever you do.

All the best,


Marc Rokoff - Book Maker
Marc Rokoff – Book maker in “beard mode”, Summer 2020.