Love is Adorable! Cute Heart Merch.

Okay, this is a bit of a new direction, but I’ve decided to start posting some of the merch to artwork I’ve made. Most of my artwork isn’t puzzle related, but launching a whole other site seems a little wacky. So here goes…

My first merch extravaganza is all about love.

In the vast canvas of emotions, love stands out as the most vibrant and heartwarming hue. This kawaii inspired heart has an adorable and simple charm. This heart, with its endearing eyes and blushing cheeks, serves as a visual testament to the delightful and playful nature of love.

You can’t wear your heart on your sleeve with this Heart T-Shirt, but you can let it shine as you thump around town:

Please click on image to shop for these shirts on Amazon or click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTRVD8ZQ

Available in a few select colors in Women’s, Men’s and Youth sizes. This design is also available as a PopSocket:

To buy the PopSocket click here: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTTWSS94

It’s important to remember that love is not only about grand gestures but also about the small, sweet moments that make our hearts skip a beat. Just like navigating through a maze of hashtags, love can be both complex and beautifully simple. My digitally crafted happy heart symbolizes the fusion of technology and emotion. Even in the age of memes and social media, love continues to find new and adorable ways to express itself.

I have had some challenging heartbreak in the last few years, but also found tremebdous resilience. In fact, I find myself in love again and it truly is the sweetest thing.

Oh BTW – you can get this design on a cute pink tote bag too. Get it here: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CTTTXQ92